34907A 用于 34970A 的多功能模塊

Main characteristics and technical indicators16-bit digital input and output100 kHz accumulator inputTwo +/-12V analog outputsdescriptionThe Keysight 34907A module used in the 34970A data acquisition/

No. : 34907A
Brand : Keysight

Main characteristics and technical indicators

16-bit digital input and output

100 kHz accumulator input

Two +/-12V analog outputs


The Keysight 34907A module used in the 34970A data acquisition/switch unit provides great flexibility for a wide range of sensing and control applications. It provides two 8-bit digital input and output ports, a 100 kHz gated counter, and two ±12V analog outputs on a common ground module. Digital inputs and counter inputs can be included in one scan. It continuously monitors the alarm limits of digital and event counter inputs and even captures and records alarm signals between scans.

Digital input/output

Microwave switches and attenuators, solenoids, relays, indicator lights, and more can be controlled using the digital output of an external power supply. Use digital inputs to sense the limit switch and digital bus status. It does not have a complex handshake mode and can initiate read and write operations from the front panel or bus.

Count input

Count the number of events from devices such as photo interpreters, limit switches, and Hall effect sensors.

It keeps the latest statistics and can read the statistics from the front panel or read the statistics at any time in a programmatic manner. With 26-bit resolution, it can count the number of events in nearly 45 minutes at full speed without overflow.

Analog output

Two electronically calibrated analog outputs provide bias voltage to the device under test, control the analog programming power supply, or use the output as a set point for the control system. The output can be programmed directly in volts from the front panel or from the bus

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