34902A 16-Channel Multiplexer (24 Line) Module for 34970A

Main characteristics and technical indicators16 channel multiplexerTwo-wire and four-line scanning250 channel/second scan rateBuilt-in thermocouple reference connectiondescriptionThe Keysight 34902A m

No. : 34902A
Brand : Keysight

Main characteristics and technical indicators

16 channel multiplexer

Two-wire and four-line scanning

250 channel/second scan rate

Built-in thermocouple reference connection


The Keysight 34902A module used in the 34970A data acquisition/switch unit uses a reed relay to achieve scan rates of up to 250 channels per second. This module can be used for high throughput automated test applications and high speed data logging and monitoring tasks.

It supports 16 two-wire input switches up to 300V. Multiple two-wire and four-wire channels can be mixed on the same module. Current measurement requires the user to provide a shunt resistor.

Standard products include:

1 34902A, 16 channel multiplexer module

1 calibration certificate

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