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Since people are highly dependent on the convenience brought by science life, the demands of developing various video, audio and sound photonics applications are ever increasing. Such a trend will also promote the opportunity growth of optoelectronics industry. According to the report issued by Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA), the benefits of global optoelectronics industry in 2012 reached USD 401.2 billion, and the benefits in 2013 increased to USD 438.7 billion and the benefits in 2014 will increase to USD 476.5 billion. It is easily seen that the optoelectronics industry has becoming more important in people’s daily life. 

Comprehensively, optoelectronics industry involves many fields. PIDA pointed out that any device manufactured through application of photoelectric technology or any equipment or system mainly consists of photoelectric devices belong to the optoelectronics industry. Generally speaking, the photoelectric products include optical communication products, LED and lighting application, optical storage, optical maser, processing and infrared element and equipment, precision optical component and lens, FPD panel, various photoelectric sensors and photoelectric output & input and solar photovoltaic, etc.

In 2014, many photoelectric fields have great successes in the application market. For example, with the launch of 3G/4G and release of Broadband China policy, the optical communication industry is receiving a new round of development opportunities. 

  As the core processing method of advanced manufacturing industry, the laser processing technology is gradually replacing the traditional method for its advantages of high efficiency, high quality, few pollution, energy conservation and environment protection and high automation. In 2013, Chinese laser market has exceeded RMB 20 billion and become the world’s largest laser products processing market with its annual growth rate of 18% ~ 20% in recent years. Driven by the development of security and protection market and smart city, the infrared product market has rapidly developed in recent years.

  Driven by the consumer electronics market, the precision optical market has its rocket in 2014. Meanwhile, the optical technology has its continuous expansion of new fields. For example, in the biomedicine field, the photoelectric products applied in tumor treatment, endoscope, medical imaging, etc. have been developed, and the medical optical maser that is considered as a core technology also rapidly promotes the progress of beautifying and dermatology.

  LED will trigger the third revolution of light source. The global LED industry is in a period of rapid development and the industrial scale is of a rocket growth. The global LED market scale in 2013 reached USD 12.4 billion. According to the authority prediction, the global LED market scale in 2020 will be up to USD 150 billion with a compound growth rate of 42.6%.

  With the continuous development and extension of photoelectric technology, a new photoelectric era is coming. To assist the manufacturers to explore business opportunities, the 16th China International Optoelectronic Exhibition (CIOE) will cooperate with Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA) to have an exchange in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on September 2 to September 5, 2014. Besides the exhibition of latest solutions of optical communication, laser and infrared field, precision optics, LED lighting products, consumer electronics, internet of things and smart city, the host unit will also invited buyers from more than 10 countries to attend the exhibition and it will bring new business opportunities of emerging markets. 

  With the rapid development of optoelectronics industry, China has become a very important production and R & D base for the global optoelectronics industry. In the past, many manufacturers only paid attention to mainland China markets, thus the markets will easily be in fiercely competitive markets of low-price competition when a group of new manufactures involve in. Therefore, in addition to the mainland China markets, CIOE is planning to guide the manufacturers to occupy the emerging markets. CIOE will go to Brazil and India in April, Indonesia in May and South Africa and China Taiwan in June to have exchange and discussion with overseas buyers.

  CIOE is bracing its 16th anniversary and it has successfully pushed Chinese optoelectronics industry to the global markets. In 2014, CIOE cooperates with many institutions to invite buyers from Brazil, India, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Bulgaria, Poland, France, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt and other countries to China. Such kind of exchange and communication will help optoelectronics manufacturers open emerging markets. 

CIOE will also invite many domestic buyers of strength and large scale, such as Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE, SONY, Space Application Engineering and Technology Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Fanglin Decoration to explore new business opportunities for massive optoelectronics enterprises that take participation in 2014 CIOE.

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